Green Crescent Week, 1 - 7 March

It is celebrated as the Green Crescent Week between March 1-7 in our country. Green Crescent Week includes the fight against smoking, alcohol and drugs, which are one of the important public health problems and which are known to cause addiction.

  Addiction negatively affects the physical, mental and social life of the person. Preventing addictions that can be considered a disaster for the society is only possible with a good preventive public health approach.

  It has been proven that addictive substances have effects such as lung cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus, and loss of consciousness.
   Parents have important responsibilities in this regard. They should be careful about the sudden changes in character, behavior and spending more money than usual in their children. When necessary, they should definitely consult a specialist. Protecting our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, from all bad habits and ignorance should be accepted as a social duty for all of us and everyone should fulfill their duty in this regard.

   In addition to showing the current harms of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs known to cause addiction to our society; It is also important to show ways to break these habits and avoid them.

   Citizens who want to quit smoking can call our Ministry of Health's smoking cessation hotline numbered ALO 171. We welcome our citizens who want to quit smoking to our smoking cessation polyclinics.

   On the occasion of Green Crescent Week, as Ceylanpınar State Hospital, we hope all our people to lead a healthy life away from harmful habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and addiction.