Companion Rules


  1. The doctor of the patient decides the need for the companion.
  2. Number of companion is limited to 1 person in order not to form unnecessary crowd and not to regular operation of the hospital.
  3. Male companion can not be stayed in the department for female patients.
  4. Companions are obliged to carry the attendance identity cards which is used in the name of him/her
  5. Companions should obey the rules of the hospital, otherwise they will not be accepted as companion.
  6. Do not go beyond the directives of doctors and nurses
  7. Companions should keep the materials of the hospital clean and neat. A person who damages the goods of the hospital is responsible for the reimbursement.
  8. Companions should not change the patient’s place or carry his/her out of the hospital unless there is an instruction from the doctor or nurse.
  9. Companions shall not use tobacco or alcohol in the hospital.
  10. Companions shall not bring food and beverage to the patients and give the many food and beverage without asking to the doctor or nurse of the patient.
  11. Companions should not speak loudly in the rooms and the corridors, should not disturb the other patients and the personnels in the hospital.
  12. Companions can use the food services in our hospital without extra payment if they show their companion id card.
  13. Companions should tell the nurse of the patient when there is an issue about the patient.
14. It is not appropriate to make frequent companion changes. When it is obligatory, the supervisor nurse should be in for med about the companion change.